Florida's Lionfish Control Efforts

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Reef Rangers pledge to remove invasive lionfish from local reefs of their choice and do their part in statewide control efforts.

Lionfish Removal & Awareness Festival

May 2018

Celebrate Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day festival and tournament every May at multiple locations held statewide.

Lionfish Challenge 2018

Compete for the Crown!
May 19 - Sep. 3
Harvest lionfish, earn prizes!
Find a tagged lionfish, win up to $5,000!
Learn more at MyFWC.com/Lionfish.

More than 430,000 lionfish removed from Florida waters from 2014-2017

Nonnative lionfish have successfully invaded Florida waters, which introduces a potential threat to native marine life and habitat. Harvest by recreational and commercial divers is currently the best means of controlling lionfish and minimizing unwanted ecological impacts. Be the predator and remove lionfish whenever you can!

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The current leader board

Blue Indian caught a total of 438 lionfish.

Nashville Predator Dive Team caught a total of 370 lionfish.

Nativeendeavors@gmail.com caught a total of 357 lionfish.

Capt. Tj caught a total of 120 lionfish.

FranksTanksDSD caught a total of 92 lionfish.

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2017 Lionfish Challenge Winners

Ken Ayers Jr. of Panama City took home the recreational Lionfish King award with a total of 1,250 lionfish harvested. Joshua Livingston of Destin became Florida’s first Commercial Champion for his efforts in removing 4,560 pounds of lionfish (poundage equates to about 5,027 fish). A total of 8,901 lionfish were removed by recreational participants, and another 15,800 pounds were removed commercially (poundage equates to about 17,420 lionfish) for a grand total of 26,321 lionfish removed from Florida waters as part of the four-month Challenge. Read more about the Lionfish Challenge program and view the 2017 Hall of Fame on FWC’s website.

Interactive Map

Explore the Reef Rangers map to see where divers have been removing lionfish. See an area that needs some attention? Become a Reef Ranger and protect your local reefs!

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