Florida's Lionfish Control Efforts

Visit MyFWC.com/Lionfish to learn more about the lionfish invasion, statewide control programs and ways to get involved!

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Reef Rangers pledge to remove invasive lionfish from local reefs of their choice and do their part in statewide control efforts.

Lionfish Removal & Awareness Festival

May 2019

Celebrate the Lionfish Removal and Awareness festival and Emerald Coast Open tournament May 18-19 in Destin.

Lionfish Harvest Charter Program - Get involved today!

Goal: Encourage dive charters to conduct lionfish-specific harvesting trips to increase the number of lionfish hunters and lionfish removed from Florida waters.

Map of Florida Artificial Reefs

Explore the interactive map to view the public reefs in Florida and see where divers have been removing lionfish. Become a Reef Ranger and adopt a reef near you to protect your local reefs from invasive lionfish.

More than 540,000 lionfish removed from Florida waters from 2014-2018

The current leader board

Blue Indian caught a total of 438 lionfish.

Nashville Predator Dive Team caught a total of 370 lionfish.

Nativeendeavors@gmail.com caught a total of 357 lionfish.

Capt. Tj caught a total of 120 lionfish.

FranksTanksDSD caught a total of 92 lionfish.

Team of the Month: Nashville Predator Dive Team

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