Reef Rangers pledge to clean lionfish off their chosen reef sites as either a team or an individual. View the reefs on our interactive map and sign up to adopt a reef in a location that is best accessible to you and your team!

The Reef Rangers Lionfish Control Program allows divers to see where lionfish removals are taking place so that they can be effective in removing lionfish and avoid visiting reefs that have already been cleaned.

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As a Reef Ranger of Florida, I pledge:
To protect Florida reefs against the effects from the Indo-Pacific lionfish invasion, I pledge to protect the selected reef against the lionfish invasion through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) “Reef Rangers” Lionfish Control Program as described below:

1) Reef Rangers agree to conduct regular lionfish culling events, at least two or three times per year, at the chosen site.

2) Reef Rangers agree to abide by state and federal regulations regarding the capture and removal of marine species. National marine sanctuary permits may be obtained through NOAA. FWC regulations can be found here.

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