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Lionfish Roundup is on for Saturday

TCPalm - 1 day ago
Lionfish are not native to Florida waters and are voracious predators disrupting the natural balance of the ecosystem in this fragile undersea habitat. State fishery managers encourage their harvest....

Lionfish Are Eating Fish We Didn't Even Know Existed

Gizmodo - 2 days ago
Lionfish have very low standards and will eat anything in sight. Although they're originally from the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans, these vacuum cleaners have been flopping around the...

The Lionfish, An Invasive Predator, Is Subject Of NPS's Upcoming Lecture

VI Consortium (press release) - 3 days ago
ST. CROIX — Stephanie Green, a fellow at the Center for Ocean Solutions at Stanford University, will be presenting about the ongoing invasion of predatory lionfish in the Western Atlantic and...

The lionfish zapper hits the open seas

PBS NewsHour - 3 weeks ago
Last August, NewsHour reported on a robot being developed to stop lionfish, an invasive species that has decimated Atlantic coral reef ecosystems due to their insatiable appetites for other fish....

Lionfish Safari brings 'em in for fifth year

TCPalm - 3 days ago
For the past five years, the Treasure Coast Lionfish Safari has been held in downtown Fort Pierce to help rid our local waters of this invasive species, which is taking over our near-shore reefs and...

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